Go Build This Stuff: A community list of ideas

Go Build This Stuff: A community list of ideas

Hey, if you're reading this, you're invited to help others break free from creative blocks. How? Just push a branch up to this repo. Easy. :D


This list is great inspiration for developers needing to update their portfolio or for devs who want a fresh challenge.

Below is the list in it's current entirety. For the latest and greatest, see the github repo linked above.

Now, go forth and create! If you do, leave a comment here and share your work. :D

Go Build This Stuff

A massive list of web apps (or apps) to kick that creative block to the curb.

Suggested APIs are just that, suggested. Feel free to find others.

International weather app with language selector and translation.

Bonus points for using geolocation for detect my location.

Resources: openweathermap.org/api, darksky.net/dev, i18next.com

Jeopardy trivia app

Create a simple Jeopardy style website with categories of topics

Resources: jservice.io

DnD card generator

Create a searchable card generator with categories for spells, monsters, loot, weapons, etc...

Resources: dnd5eapi.co

Pokemon card generator

Create a searchable card generator with for all the Pokemans

Resources: pokeapi.co

Cocktail database

Create a searchable cocktail database

Resources: thecocktaildb.com/api.php

Bitcoin Price Index

Create a bitcoin dashboard showing the current price index of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies

Resources: coindesk.com/coindesk-api, api.coinpaprika.com/v1/coins/btc-bitcoin

GitHub Available Jobs Board

Create a searchable job postings website

Resources: jobs.github.com/positions.json?description=..

IP info grabber

Create a website that fetches data about the IP address you give it

Resources: ipinfo.io/

Makeup database OR a fake makeup e-commerce website

Resources: makeup-api.herokuapp.com

Find breweries near me

Use geolocation to detect the closest breweries near me.

Resources: api.openbrewerydb.org/breweries

Fake staff directory for a company

Resources: randomuser.me/api

Super hero database

Create a searchable super hero database and link related heroes/villains

Resources: superheroapi.com, developer.marvel.com

Hearthstone database

Create a searchable Hearthstone database

Resources: hearthstoneapi.com

Create a chat app

Resources: djamware.com/post/5f2a1d9d9c794f177fd7b527/..

News app

Resources: dev.npr.org/api

NASA app

Create a ton of cool things with the NASA API

Resources: api.nasa.gov

Create a crime near me app

Bust the bad guys

Resources: github.com/fbi-cde/crime-data-frontend

Flight data app

Resources: geekflare.com/flight-data-api

Food near me

Resources: yelp.com/developers

Sports app

Do sports stuff

Resources: rapidapi.com/blog/best-sports-apis-ranked

Streaming website

Create a Netflix or Hulu clone

Resources: themoviedb.org/documentation/api

COVID tracker

Resources: covid-api.com, leafletjs.com

Dice roller

Make a dice roller app where the user can select all manner of dice to roll (and multiples of, too).

Spotify clone

Resources: developer.spotify.com/documentation/web-api

SpaceX dashboard

Create a dashboard showing launch pad data and upcoming events

Resources: github.com/r-spacex/SpaceX-API

Video game deals website

Resources: apidocs.cheapshark.com

Find a city bike near me

Resources: api.citybik.es/v2

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash